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The Master Taskers: 5 Signs of a Good Project Manager
April 13, 2012

Managing a business project is like going on a diet. You set a target and a timeline to achieve it. You chalk out a daily plan and measure your progress on a calendar. Soon, the initial vigor starts to fade and you begin slacking. Before you know, it’s an uninspired effort gaining neither confidence nor result. No wonder then that only a few succeed.

And those who do are characterized by their unflagging commitment to achieve results and an uncompromising attitude towards quality. It is these traits that make a good project manager—and a great leader.

When Dr. Selvam K., Group CIO, SIVA Industries and Holdings, decided to roll out a private cloud he knew users would cringe. “But the private cloud would consolidate and standardize the IT infrastructure across all group companies. It was important to get buy-in from individual IT teams,” he says.